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A Few Words About Us


Newton Finance is a leading finance solutions provider in Australia. We are a brand name with a completely new look and huge plans to become the most trusted independent financial services provider throughout the country. Whilst we might be a new name within the online consumer finance market, we look after over millions of customers with credit cards, sales finance as well as personal loans. We also have forged successful and great partnerships with a few of the country’s most famous and successful retailers and entrepreneurs.


We started business as a specialist provider of commercial and equipment finance, but, while our clients expanded their funding requirements, we also decided to expand our current range of services to offer. It is simply because we want to give you the most appropriate financing solution that fits your requirements as soon as possible. Today, Newton Finance provides our clients with a comprehensive range of business, equipment and residential property finance. We are committed and dedicated to helping our clients to reach their own success.

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Here at Newton Finance, we believe that a compliant, stable and continuing relationship is of the greatest importance within the consumer finance market. Our distinct personalized approach when it comes to consumer lending allows us to be able to establish a real working relationship with our valued clients. While rationalization affects faceless financial institutions, Newton Finance pursues to put the individual back in personal in terms of customer service within the consumer credit world.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand the needs of our clients, allowing us to plan the correct and the most suitable form of finance for now and in the near future. We provide incomparable service to our clients of all forms and sizes. Rest assured that there is no any financing problem that we cannot address and accommodate. We are focused on helping to grow businesses of all forms and from various industries, but not only that, as we also accommodate personal financing requirements.

Through the years of performance as well as a diverse selection of funding programs, our company gained access to major wholesale funding markets. It was where we are able to establish our reputation and a combination of relationships between our company and international financial institution major domestic banks which include the members of the Big Four, huge pension funds and private investors. Newton Finance is supervised by the board of directors whose management goals are to form a sustainable asset for shareholders while supporting the success requisites of a business and to satisfy the needs of its regulators and customers.

We hope to have the chance to work with your company soon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.